Don’t have a plunger handy? Check out these 5+ hacks instead

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Remove stains with vinegar
First, extract as much water as possible from the toilet bowl to remove toilet bowl stains. Then place vinegar-soaked paper towels over the stains and leave them there for at least two hours (longer if the stains have been there for a while). After removing the paper towels, flush the toilet to rinse any vinegar remaining in the bowl. Your spots should be gone.

Clean with WD-40
When it comes time to regularly clean the toilet, instead of playing with the cleaning product you usually throw in, grab a box of WD-40. In fact, the solvents in WD-40 are powerful at breaking down the grime and lime deposits that build up inside your toilet bowl. You can simply spray some into the toilet bowl and give it a quick scrub with your toilet bowl brush.

Deep cleaning around the seat
One place you probably don’t clean often is between your toilet tank and the seat. It’s hard to get to and easy to forget. Still, you can wrap a Clorox wipe around a screwdriver and slide it through there for a quick clean if you unscrew and remove your toilet seat. Replace the seat with the screwdriver.

Camping toilets
If you spend a lot of time outdoors or enjoy camping, you are probably well acquainted with the difficult act of finding places to go to the bathroom in nature. For those of you who don’t have the idea of ​​digging a hole behind a tree for your bathroom needs, make your own camping toilet.


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