Easiest Ever Crockpot Lasagna Recipe

This is the easiest ever Crockpot Lasagna Recipe! Just brown the beef and onions, then add ricotta cheese, lasagna noodles and jarred tomato sauce. Cooks hands-off all day and is easy to assemble.
This Crockpot Lasagna is SUPER easy to throw together! You don’t need a giant ingredient list either. Of course you will use lasagna noodles for this crockpot lasagna recipe. I also use ground beef. Other ingredients you will need are:

I absolutely love making lasagna in my slow cooker. It is quick and easy to get dinner started, and then I don’t have to think about cooking for the rest of the day. In the summer, crockpot lasagna allows you to cook lasagna without turning on your oven.

This easy slow cooker lasagna is made with layers of lasagna noodles, ground beef, marinara sauce and cheese. You don’t need to cook the lasagna noodles ahead of time. They cook perfectly in the crock pot, absorbing lots of flavor along the way.

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