Easy Coconut Macaroons Recipe

A simple recipe for easy coconut macaroons made with sweetened condensed milk and finely shredded coconut. The perfect gluten-free cookie for entertaining!

So here’s the deal with coconut macaroons: They can be really good, or they can be really bad. Which conjures the question, “What is it that makes a good macaroon?” We’ll cover this and more, but alas, I’ll leave you in suspense no longer. The macaroons you’ll find here? No worries. They’re the really good ones.

In fact, I’m not even a coconut lover, but these cookies are nothing if not addictive. The last time I served these, every single guest went back for seconds. All of them. And, who could blame them? They’re perfectly moist, full of flavor, dipped in chocolate, and completely legit.

The first couple of macaroon recipes I tested left something to be desired. They mainly consisted of shredded coconut, sweetened condensed milk, and whipped egg whites. And, while I realize short and simple can be a time-saver, I would have to argue that we can add way more flavor to a macaroon, with little effort and just a couple of extra ingredients.

Before we get into how to make them better, let’s first touch on what they are.

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