Easy Low Carb Shrimp Scampi from your instant pot or pressure cooker, this one cooks fast! Put it on top of some low carb noodles for a quick dinner.

I’m cranky and stressed so clearly it’s time to cook because that is what relaxes me. But because I’m cranky, it also needs to be simple.

I wanted to make something relatively high in protein and fat, low in carbs but also family friendly because I don’t feel like making something else for a son who is selective about what he eats. This dish went together quickly and definitely doesn’t need an Instant Pot, although that’s how I made mine.

When we eat this Low Carb Shrimp Scampi, my husband and I will eat very little of the pasta, and lots of sauce and shrimp. My son can enjoy all the pasta he wants and everyone can be happy. Nutritionally, this packs quite a hefty protein punch, which means hopefully I’ll stay full for longer, and so be less cranky. Fingers crossed!

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