Eclair Ice Box Cake

Simple Eclair Ice Box Cake:
No baking, no fuss, this easy ice box cake is absolutely delicious and just so fun. Rich chocolate topping, fun vanilla custardy center, and graham crackers. It tastes like an eclair in cake form! And is way easier than baking eclairs.

You guys I am always looking for super duper easy to make dessert recipes. One of my all time favorite treats is an eclair. My husband used to work at a restaurant that had an onsite pastry chef, and she made the ultimate eclairs. Like so seriously tasty, and light, and creamy that I would gorge myself on them and could eat half a dozen before even realizing I had done it.

Granted they were mini eclairs, so don’t worry I am not as big of a glutton as I sound.

Anyway, my love for eclairs is only eclipsed by my loathing of super complicated, technical, easy to mess up baking recipes! I mean seriously, who wants to be disappointed by an eclair that doesn’t puff when all you want is the creamy, sugary, chocolate coated goodness of an eclair? So, this Eclair Ice Box Cake is my favorite solution!

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