Ecstasy Cake

You want a cake that will take your mind of the stress and problems? Try this amazing cake. Here’s the recipe!

The news cycle is stressful so, as a necessary palate cleanser, let’s talk about cake. Specifically, let’s talk about ecstasy cake on Pinterest, which is taking over people’s feeds as of late. Its name suggests that it is a dessert so good, it will put you into a euphoric state. Quite the challenge for a cake, given the aforementioned news cycle, but one I’m betting plenty of us are up for, given the aforementioned news cycle.

Then, to make an Ecstasy cake, you pour a caramel and condensed milk mixture over the poke cake, allowing the gooey sauce to soak in. After you’ve let it soak, you top with whipped cream and your crumbled candy of choice (ideally Heath or Butterfinger or something with toffee and chocolate layers).

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