Egg Roll Ramen Skillet

When eating out or ordering Chinese food, a side of egg rolls is always a must. There’s just something about the combination of sweet and tender cabbage and carrots with savory pork that’s hard to beat. So why not take that winning flavor combination and turn it into a main dish? An excellent plan if I’ve ever heard one. That’s just what we’ve done here with our Egg Roll Ramen Skillet. It’s a one-dish dinner that has that sublimely savory egg roll flavor tossed in with the carby comfort of ramen noodles. (In other words, yum.)

Egg roll filling plus noodles is an obvious winner, so obvious that I don’t know why it took us so long to think of it. This all comes together in one skillet, but it’s a packed skillet – it’s a great way to hide a fair amount of veggies in a comforting and tasty meal.

You start by browning some onions. When they’ve softened up, you push them to one side and brown some ground pork on the other. From there you add in coleslaw mix and sliced bell peppers. It’s a lot of veg, but it’ll cook down quite a bit.

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