These are so good! The only thing I wouldn’t do next time and for now on when I make these, is not line the pan with parchment paper. The krispies stick to it otherwise. The old fashion way just calls for buttering the pan anyway so that’s what I’ll do for now on.

Made no changes. Very delicious. At first I thought the cake mix didn’t add anything but after a couple bars I think the cake mix sweetness gets rid of the fruity taste from the pebbles. Very yummy.

These were ridiculously good. I think the bourbon is the secret ingredient to making these awesome. Everyone gobbled these up at work when I made them for a friend’s birthday

Very good! I used 1 tsp vanilla and 1 Tbsp bourbon and it was delicious. You could probably cut out the bourbon though if you wanted an alcohol free version.

S’mores are well known for their goodness! Today I’m presenting you my own version of S’mores with rice krispies treats pinwheels! Check out my recipe.

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