Experts Warn: Watch Out For These Dangerous Ladybug Lookalikes!

Ladybugs are very attractive and we all love them, especially our children.

However, the game with the ladybug is not so harmless when the bug just looks like it but is actually a dangerous creature, known as Asian lady beetle.

Apparently, these insects look exactly like ladybugs but are quite dangerous. They bite and feed on humans, and according to the entomologist at the University of Texas, “they have a habit of tasting things they land on.”

The lady beetles originate from Asia, but in the 1960s, they were brought to the US as a way to control pests. Now, the terrifying thing is that they have gotten out of control, and enter the homes of people in Texas, damaging their property.

When it comes to the color, these bugs can be from orange to red, with black spots on their wing covers. Moreover, at the area of the neck, one can spot a dark M.

The lady beetles usually spend the time in green areas and yards during the summer, and migrate to homes and buildings during the colder months.

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