Famous-Barr’s French Onion Soup Recipe

French Onion Soup from Famous & Barr in St. Louis, Missouri. Nothing is as reminiscent of Famous as this iconic French onion soup.  The soup was thick and rich, bubbling with melted cheese atop two slices of French baguette. As the stores closed their restaurants, it was fortunate that many years ago the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published the recipe in their Food Section so fanatics of this soup could recreate their obsession at home!


I also use canned broth. I use a combination of beef and chicken along with white wine to give the soup a depth of flavor along with the onions. This isn’t a difficult soup to make, but the onions will take about an hour to caramelize so you need to plan your time to be in the kitchen to stir often.


While often made with Swiss cheese, Gruyere cheese is excellent and adding Parmesan for part of the cheese is fine. One last tip: be careful not to over-salt. It is easy to do as the cheese adds a lot of salt. Under-salt the soup if you are using the cheese. If not, salt to taste.

So thank you Famous Barr and Julia Child for a wonderfully satisfying meal and for introducing it to me.

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