Fresh Strawberry and Whipping Cream No Bake Cake

Berry season is what makes hot summer days extra special because you get to eat this Fresh Strawberry and Whipping Cream No Bake Cake recipe that uses just five ingredients. There’s nothing like having a fresh berry dessert loaded with juicy fresh strawberries and whipped cream. One bowl easy desserts that require no baking is perfect when you don’t feel like switching the oven on hot days. This easy Strawberry Icebox Cake recipe is all about layering the ingredients and letting it chill in the refrigerator just until the Graham crackers turn soft. For best results, let it sit in the fridge overnight to set it completely so that the juices from strawberry ooze into all the layers. You can make this recipe the night before serving, and the leftovers are still perfect for a few days. This strawberry dessert is also perfect for picnic or potluck since it requires little work and tastes good and looks beautiful, like a gorgeous masterpiece of art.

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