Fresh Strawberry Muffins

Ah, there is just something about spring that positively enchants me. It is full of beauty, with new flowers, better weather, more sun and just lovely sunshine. As I type this, I am currently experiencing frostbite to my fingers with this 66 degree weather in South Florida (okay, maybe not frostbite, but I am freezing wearing flannels, a hoodie and a blanket over me. I am so tempted to jump back into bed).

With all this commotion of great weather and beautiful days, I crave beauty in other ways as well. Think spring dresses and honestly, spring food. What is spring food exactly you may ask?

Well, spring food is just that: the food we eat in the springtime. For me, that consists of light and creamy soups, airy croissants for breakfast (with maybe a tad bit of chocolate inside), lots of berries and fresh muffins. Muffins so fresh that they are homemade instead of store bought.
Muffins that are homemade WITH berries, and are airy just like croissants. Yep, homemade muffins full of strawberries specifically are some of my favorite spring treats that just make me happy and excited for the days to come. They are so incredibly delicious for breakfast or dessert!

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