Fresh Strawberry Upside Down Cake

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Strawberry Upside Down Cake. Easy and delicious! A moist vanilla scratch cake baked on top of ripe summer strawberries. Best served warm with ice cream!
Summer does present its minor dilemmas for me, especially when it comes to produce shopping. I tend to get a little over excited about beautiful summer fruits like plums and especially peaches.

I tend to overbuy for fear these beautiful specimens, at their peak of perfection, will not be found on my next visit to the market.

This sometimes leaves me scrambling to clear them from the fridge or counter top fruit bowl. Most often they turn into small batches of jam when necessity dictates, like the Roasted Strawberry Jam shown below. Everyone knows I hate to throw anything out.

Upside down cake is the answer.

One excellent use for many fruits that need to be used quickly is a classic upside down cake. This recipe can be adapted to use other summer fruits too, like peaches, or even fall apples a little later on.

This time it was a some strawberries that were just going past their peak which got my attention.

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