Fried Mushrooms

Reviews for: Fresh Fried Mushrooms
First time I made these we didn’t like the batter- too mushy. So the next time we dipped the mushrooms in beat egg and the rolled them in italian breadcrumbs (already has garlic and spices added in). They turned out wonderful- crunchy and tasty. Dipped in Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing.

We loved, Loved, LOVED these. This is a favorite of ours when we go out to restaurants and I really am glad that I “finally” found a recipe that is what we order out. Definate keeper. Thanks for the post.

I have made these twice now. The only people in the house who don’t like them are the ones who don’t like mushrooms! I added a little extra garlic salt. The only draw back was that I had to fry them for a long time to make them crisp enough. But towards the end of the batch they went faster, I guess because the oil got hotter and hotter. I loved these.

Followed recipes directions, and the end result was good. They were good for home cooked fried mushrooms. I had to add a bit of salt and garlic powder on top for more flavor though. Not bad. I’m going to continue to fool around with ideas on this one ;]

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