Fried Okra and Green Tomato Combo are two Southern favorites coming together most deliciously. The vegetables are cut into equal sizes, coated with a self-rising coating, fried to perfection and sprinkled with a heavy dose of salt and pepper with a little pinch of cayenne pepper.
This is a post to celebrate the bounty of two Southern favorites, Fried Okra and Fried Green Tomatoes. Some summers I don’t fry okra or green tomatoes but once or twice, but this summer I couldn’t get enough of them.
Our little local grocery store started stocking local farmers garden vegetables. To make it so tempting, they have the display right in the front door.

Homegrown squash, zucchini, new potatoes, fresh ripe tomatoes and the most gorgeous green tomatoes. I just couldn’t resist grabbing a few each time I went to the store.

I like to buy green tomatoes on the light pink side. They are not quite so sour. They are perfectly delicious!

As you remember this is the little store I mention in the post for my peach pie. They have undoubtedly been a lifesaver for a quick trip to get groceries that I didn’t get during my big grocery shopping trip. If the truth is known, I just couldn’t stop thinking of the green tomatoes, but I will never tell. Haha!
I cooked a pot of Lady cream peas to go with the fried okra and tomatoes, and we had some sliced fresh peaches for dessert. We didn’t even miss the meat in this meal.

I fry minimal these days try to keep healthy, but the next day we heated them back up in the oven and added fried fish to go with it. They were still tasty and even crisped up again. We definitely had our fix of fried food for the summer.

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