My favorite way by far is to share with a friend. When I give this casserole out to a friend I like to present it unbaked. I do this just in case they don’t want to eat the casserole on that particular day. I also like to wrap a pretty bow around the whole baking dish and add a wooden spoon as a extra touch. Try and think of someone who might need a reminder that they have friends who care about them. A new mom in your neighborhood, a family who’s moving, someone with an illness or just someone that needs to be reminded that they’re a special part of your life. This casserole not only cheers up the gift recipient but also the person gifting it. I like to take my children along with me when we pass on a friendship casserole. I want them to experience that giving is just as wonderful as receiving.


Freezing Instructions: If you’re freezing the second casserole prepare and assemble both casseroles. Bake one and then take the second unbaked casserole and double wrap it with plastic wrap, and then cover with aluminum foil, label, date and place the casserole in the freezer for a later date. When ready to use remove from freezer, thaw and bake.

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