Frosted Orange Rolls

After seeing those cinnamon rolls, many of you asked for an orange roll recipe. I’ll be honest. I had never actually eaten an orange roll, but I knew since I had about 20 people request them that it was a recipe I needed to research and share with you guys. I also knew that by using our sweet roll dough recipe that I had the perfect beginning!

In researching the “Orange Roll”, I needed to find out what made the orange roll…well, orange. I wanted to try orange marmalade as the filling. But was I supposed to add cinnamon to that? Any extra sugar? After several recipe tests, I found that a simple filling of orange marmalade and a sprinkling of cinnamon was all that I needed to make an orange roll taste delicious. You can leave out the cinnamon if you’d like, but the orange/cinnamon flavor makes these sweet rolls taste like Christmas!

I used my favorite cinnamon roll dough as the jumping off place, but downsized the recipe between 25 to 33 percent. I wanted a slightly smaller batch because honestly the smaller the batch of fatty, fluffy, frosted carbs just laying around, the better.

I also cut the rolls smaller, making 20 in a 9×13 pan rather than the standard 12, for some built-in portion control. Unless you go back for seconds or thirds. That may have happened.

The glaze is an orange juice-based confectioners’ sugar glaze, with orange zest stirred in for an extra pop of orange flavor. I also made the glaze using lemon juice when I was testing the recipe and if you’re a lemon fan, it’s a fun twist.


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