Grammy’s Homemade Frosting

This is my mom’s no fail creamy delicious Frosting!! A family favorite that incredibly easy to make!! Learn how to make buttercream frosting with this easy tutorial.  This is the BEST recipe for homemade buttercream, it pipes perfectly, and makes a great base for other frosting flavors too! 

Today we’re covering how to make homemade buttercream frosting.  Actually, we’re covering just how EASY it is to make your own frosting right at home.  If you’ve been buying store-bought frosting, you’ll want to ditch it after seeing just how easy it is to make your own. For many people, cake is just the delivery vehicle for the real star of the show—the frosting. If you’re tempted to agree, you’ll love this five-star buttercream frosting recipe that takes any cake or cupcake from good to out-of-this-world. Unlike most 7 minute frosting recipes, this one is not dependent on the weather or you crossing your pinky toes and perfectly reciting the magic word with five extra large marshmallows in your mouth. No siree, this one comes out perfect every time. Just like Grandmama’s always did. It’s no wonder, too, because we found this written in her own hand in her cookbook after she passed away. Here Mama had been fussing with making 7 minute frosting during the ideal weather conditions and Grandmama’s turned out perfect every time. It never occured to Mama that Grandmama might be using a different recipe – and it never occurred to Grandmama that Mama might not have her recipe, either!

1 box cream cheese
1 stick butter
1 tablespoon vanilla
With mixer mix well


Add 1lb bag powdered sugar, mix well
Then by hand fold in 1 tub cool whip. Awesome!