Great Grandma’s Coconut Cream Pie

Old fashioned heritage recipes are the very best. This Coconut Custard Pie is just that…. the recipe was handed down to me by my Great Grandmother & I’m passing it on to all of you. We call it the best ever ’round these parts. 😉 Grandma’s Coconut Cream Pie | Sweet coconut surrounded by a delicious creamy custard and topped with homemade whipped cream. This Grandma’s Coconut Cream Pie truly is the BEST! A cool and creamy pie perfect for summer entertaining. Grandma sure could bake some amazing desserts. Many of her recipes were passed down over the years, and are still cherished to this day. Since Grandma wasn’t concerned about making desserts healthy or skinny, we’ve come up with a healthier version of her classic, mouthwatering Coconut Cream Pie. We cut the sugar by half and added real shredded coconut, making it a still delicious but healthier version of Grandma’s coconut pie. Plus, there is only 1 tablespoon of butter for the entire filling! This is a tried-and-true, old-fashioned coconut cream pie. Took many years of searching and baking to find the right one and this is it! Enjoy!

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