Halfway to Heaven Bars (Meringue Topped Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars)

I cut these Halfway to Heaven Bars much larger than they need to be, because I shamelessly thought they photographed better that way. A little goes a long way with these babes, so even a small cookie does the trick. This recipe makes a large amount because you can cut them pretty small, win win! Take some to work, save some for Christmas, hide some away from your kids…you get the idea.


Why did I make these last night with my eye-brows down and my forehead wrinkled? Because these guys cure worries. Worried about your car at the shop? Take a bite of one of these. Worried because your house is a disaster-mess? Chomp chomp. Feeling a little weird, in general? Eat two. Whew. I feel way better, do you?


Equipment :

9×13 baking dish
Aluminum foil
Parchment or wax paper.



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