Ham and cheese panzerotti

Ham and cheese panzerotti

The panzerotti with ham and mozzarella, with their intense scent, are a fond memory of my childhood. One of those scents and tastes that accompany us forever. As an adult I learned to make them equal. 🙂
In this gourmet tour of the beautiful Italian peninsula, we have now come to Apulia to discover the traditional recipe for panzerotti, a perfect example of a delicious speciality made from humble ingredients.

Panzerotti should not be confused with calzoni. Both are made from pizza dough but, while the former are fried, the latter are oven baked. However the similarity between calzoni and panzerotti lies in their filling. Whether fried or oven-baked, the crescent-shaped pasta shells are filled simply with mozzarella cheese and tomato, at least in the most authentic and traditional version.

A panzerotto is very similar to a calzone, but it is fried. There is a little shop in the very center of Milano, just behind the famous Duomo (Wiki), that makes the best panzerotti ever. It is called Luini and it very famous among the locals. I would often eat there with my friends during my high school years, while waiting to go see the latest movie at one of the theaters around the corner. For those in Milano… you know what I mean right? And for all the others… if you are ever there, make sure to pay Luini a visit. It is worth it. Their classic panzerotto is filled with tomato sauce and mozzarella, but you can make them with pretty much anything you like. Besides the classic filling, I also like them with ham and mozzarella, while Clint prefers them with pepperoni and provolone. After moving to Australia, I have tried to recreate many dishes that I cannot find here, and this is one of them.

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