Healing Cabbage Soup Recipe

I made this soup for its healing benefits, but I ended up loving it so much I’d make it anytime! It truly is “healing” and not just for cold/flu season, but this could also greatly benefit those with certain digestive conditions. My body craves this soup whenever I have a cold, but it’s good anytime. Due to the garlic, however, it might be a good idea to be sure that everyone around you eats it, too!
The evil Coronavirus has us all being challenged in ways we never imagined, and like many of you, I am still finding it difficult to understand and accept our new reality. However with each passing day, that fact that we need to take responsibility for our own health is becoming more and more apparent.

I am a big believer in natural immune boosting and one of the ways I have been trying to boost my immune system over the past few days as this pandemic unravels, is to get sun exposure to boost my Vitamin D levels and to eat healing foods in abundance.

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