Hershey S’mores Kiss Cookies

S’MORES COOKIES START WITH A GRAHAM CRACKER FILLED COOKIE BASE, TOPPED WITH A GOOEY MARSHMALLOW, AND A CHOCOLATE KISS – FOR YOUR FAVORITE S’MORES FLAVORS IN A DELICIOUS AND CUTE COOKIE! I am obsessed with all things s’mores. When I saw these Hershey Kiss S’mores Cookies I knew I had to try them. We’ve already got s’mores cookies on our blog, so why not try other versions. Of course they’d be delicious, right? Well I was very right.

Out of all the cookies I have ever pawned off to anyone who will take them (and I’ve pawned off a lot, let me tell you), I’ve never had more rave reviews than today’s cookie. No lie. I have never loved s’mores as much as I have this summer! I don’t know what changed, but I cannot get enough of them! I just love the combination of the graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate. There is just nothing better! Brian grabbed the tray of them to take to work on his way out the door last week with nary a word one way or the other what he thought about them.

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