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This is the cocoa fudge recipe your grandmother used to make! It’s one of the most frequently requested recipes — in fact, dozens of vintage newspapers have featured reader letters asking food columnists for the directions. But though this recipe is popular, it is also very challenging.

As a teenager I spent many nights with my Cousin Jeanette. The house was small, heated by a little coal or wood burning fireplace in the living room. Of course, the fire was banked for the night (damper turned down so the chimney wouldn’t draw). This made it possible, hopefully, that live coals would still be in the fireplace the next morning. The house would heat up much faster. Her parents in bed, we’d come slipping in around 10 P.M. Afraid to move for fear we’d wake them. However, Jeanette’s craving for (from scratch) fudge was too strong. The little cook stove was a 3 burner. We got the ingredients together with a heavy pan and quietly got the Fudge cooking.As soon as it was done (and it took FOREVER !!) we’d snatch it up and head to her bed with it. Her parents always awakened and kind of scolded us for being out late but it was worth it….I guess the Fudge warmed us up before we hopped in bed between the cold sheets…This is a GOOD MEMORY RECIPE…Enjoy..Jewel

I can’t believe Christmas is two weeks away and I haven’t even had time to share some of my favorite candy recipes. Cocoa fudge is without a doubt my all time favorite chocolate fudge. Why? Because cocoa fudge doesn’t contain any corn syrup, chocolate chips or marshmallow creme. What you get is the pure taste of rich unsweetened cocoa. Just pure chocolate deliciousness!

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