Homemade Chicken (turkey) Noodle Soup

This homemade turkey noodle soup is one of our all time favorites and the perfect way to enjoy leftover turkey!

Have you ever had a bowl of old fashioned turkey noodle soup? Or maybe chicken noodle soup?

With big plump noodles that taste like little dumplings and a broth that is so rich and flavorful? It’s basically heaven on a cold winter’s day.

I started this soup with the carcass of a turkey, but if you don’t have a turkey carcass to work with, you could use a chicken, or just skip this step and use chicken stock as your base.

I like to keep things simple and sacred here. No flashy ingredients. Just the wholesome basics we all grew up with.

It’s so good, you may find yourself buying extra turkeys just to make this soup!



Quick, easy and exceptionally delicious! Used homemade turkey broth and turkey meat (from bones used to make broth) that I had frozen last Thanksgiving, substituted 1 Tbsp olive oil for cooking spray, and used Annelisa’s recipe for homemade egg noodles. I think the soy sauce and the homemade noodles were what made it such an instant hit at our house!

Really easy, but oh, so good. I simmered the soup a half hour before adding noodles, then added the noodles just 12 minutes (per package) before serving. I also added parsley.

Great recipe for a quick, simple dinner. I followed the recipe and it turned out great. You need to use low-sodium chicken broth. I would recommend this to novice cooks because it is very easy to prepare and healthy. I am going to add this to my quarterly recipe rotation.

I enjoyed preparing the soup and I had many curious inquiries in the kitchen where I work as to what I was heating up for my lunch. Yummy!



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