Homemade Cinnamon Roll Casserole

All of the cinnamon roll flavor with none of the work! This cinnamon roll casserole bakes up quickly for an easy breakfast or brunch recipe. Good for holidays or any day!
I was telling my husband the other day that after 7th grade I forged my mom’s signature on all forms and papers for school. As I said it out loud I thought to myself how horrible that sounded.

In full disclosure I promise that it was with no ill intent ever. I was super independent and a good student, not to mention the last of 10 kids so my mom wasn’t really keeping an eye on my every move.

It was more for convenience, not malicious at all. I’m such a rule abider so I’m still kind of shocked at 13 year-old self (is that how old one is in 7th grade?) for being so rebellious.

My husband is totally a rule bender. Not for anything major. I’m talking like taking our kids to the church nursery a week before she was the legal 18-month age limit or sneaking into the pool after closing time at hotels.

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