Homemade Granny Cake

This moist, fruity granny cake recipe is easy to make from scratch with a can of crushed pineapple and standard cake ingredients. It’s topped with a sweet, milky glaze.

This Granny Cake Recipe is the perfect sweet ending to any meal. Pineapple cake topped with pecans and brown sugar then baked until golden brown and soaked with a sweet milk and butter glaze–this cake is completely crave-worthy!

There are many ways to make a “granny cake,” but it is usually a pineapple cake with a crumbly pecan topping and a sweet glaze that soaks into the cake making it incredibly moist. This Granny Cake Recipe is really a poke cake because you do poke the cake after it’s baked and pour on the glaze. Give it time to rest and cook so the glaze soaks in completely.

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