Homemade Strawberry Pie

I really love this pie too! I always pour the cooked jello filling into a big glass bowl on top of my cut up strawberries. I gently stir until filling is mixed well, then refrigerate to let it set up, usually overnight. The next day I stir it up again and pour it into my cooked pie shells. This way the crust doesn’t get soggy at all from the hot liquid, and I’m better able to gague how much filling to put in without making a mess. Any extra gets put into parfait cups with whipped cream and my kiddo’s eat it up! Good stuff!!

I have made this recipe several times and instead of the regular boring pie crust, I use a shortbread pie crust that you can find at the store with the grahm cracker crust pie shells. I use 1 1/4 cup hot water to dissolve the gelatin and corn starch and do not add the cold water. After all, you are going to bring the mixture to a boil, so what is the point of the cold water? This smaller amount of water, along with the pint of strawberries is perfect to fill the store bought pie crusts (which seem to be smaller) without running over the top. It sets perfectly within a couple hours. If I were to ever make it in the standard pie pan, then I might need the additional water. Other than that this is a great recipe and everyone loves it. Very easy and quick to put together too!

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