Horizontal Blinds to Headboard in One Day

Nowadays they don’t seem to sell the type of headboard that I’m looking for. They are too small, come with a head and footboard, or too bulky. For a smaller room I can’t have something as large as what I could find in a store or online…and then the price is crazy.
So as I was putting drapes up in one room I knew I had to get rid of a ton of blinds. They are in good shape so I really didn’t want to just throw them out so yes……I stored them. I’m glad I did because it hit me…shiplap is all the rage right now…and with all crazes, it will not be as cool in a year or two, so why pay the price for the wood when I can do it out of blinds. They are perfectly level, no warps, knot holes, etc. Plus the best part is that this headboard will not weigh a ton and need to have huge wall anchors to attach it.
So away I went to the proverbial drawing board. What can I put these slats on? I want to keep it light…foam board. I got 2 packages (a set of 2 so 4 total) at Walmart for 3.50 each set. I only needed 3 foam boards but it was cheaper this way. Plus, I’m thinking of making a second one for a gift if this turns out the way I hope.
I used just about everything that I had on hand in the house. If you needed to buy all of these items your cost would run about $40. And that includes purchasing some horizontal blinds.
So here we go…..

horizontal blinds to headboard in one day

So here are the basic items I’m using. Vertical blinds, foam board and 3 colors of paint. Not pictured is Gorilla glue to attach the slats to the foam board, a drywall saw to cut the edges of the slats, duct tape and some scissors. Set aside a full day or if you need two, make sure you have enough space to store everything.

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