How To Clean Gold Jewelry Safely

Gold jewelry is precious, not only due to it’s monetary value but for sentimental reasons too. Taking care when cleaning gold jewelry items is important to prevent damage and to allow them to shine and sparkle as new. There are a number of different methods for how to clean gold jewelry:

Dishwashing Liquid

Just a few drops of dish washing liquid in a bowl of warm water (about 2 cups should be sufficient) is ideal for cleaning gold jewelry. It is recommended to soak the items in the solution for around 15 minutes. Too short and the dirt and grime will not dissolve, too long and the detergent will cause a film to develop over the gold, affecting the shine.

Use a soft bristle tooth brush to loosen stubborn dirt but scrub gently. Keep in mind that gold is a soft precious metal and using abrasive cleaners or materials will scratch and damage the surface.

Do not soak items that contain gemstones. The warm water could cause the stones to loosen and fall out. Rather wipe with a soft cloth dipped in a cold solution of water and a couple of drops of liquid dish soap.

Jewelry Cleaner

For regular cleaning, it is recommended to purchase a high end jewelry cleaner that is specifically designed to clean gold and gemstones. These type of cleaners should be available at your local jewelry store. Choose one that is recommended and used by the jeweler. Be aware that some cheap jewelry cleaners may damage gold items.

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