How to Clean Pee Off Furniture and Carpets

Whether you’re dealing with pet urine or kid urine, this simple hack (and unexpected ingredient) will teach you how to clean pee off furniture and carpets! This post contains affiliate links!

“Mommy, I went potty!” Cooper sing-songs as I walk in the back door.

“That’s great!”

“On the couch!”

“That’s…um…yeah. No.”

This is a typical conversation a few months after potty-training our now-3-year-old. She does a great job most of the time. And then randomly pees on the couch, chairs, or floor.


But a few years back I learned a genius (and weird) hack for how to clean pee off furniture and carpets. And it didn’t require buying any special cleaning products—just one normal household ingredient that costs about a dollar.

Before Rob and I were married, I lived with a family who had an older dog. Every so often I would pass by one of the carpeted rooms and see a small pile of white SOMETHING on the carpet. I had no idea what the heck it was and didn’t want to ask.

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