Steps to Remove Sandal Insole Toe, Foot and Heel Marks

First, try the cleaner on a small spot on your sandal insoles to make sure it doesn’t cause any unexpected results.

Spray the stained insoles of your sandals thoroughly with the cleaner. Be sure to spray them until they’re visibly wet, but don’t submerge your sandals in water or any liquid.

Let the cleaner soak into the shoes for a couple of minutes, but don’t allow them to dry.

Wet the toothbrush under running water. Scrub the dirty insoles like crazy with the old toothbrush. Clean the toothbrush under running water every few minutes to make sure you’re not rubbing dirt back into the shoes.

When the sandals start to look clean, rub the newly scrubbed surfaces with the cloth.

Wash the toothbrush under running water and scrub the shoes again, then rub them with the washcloth again.

Keep repeating this process until you’re no longer rubbing dirt onto the cleaning cloth.

You’ll be amazed at the difference in how your sandals look when you’re finished!

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