How to Make a DIY Fireplace Mantel & Built-in Bookcases

Step 3: Add wood anchors

To build the mantel, we had use a rotary hammer drill to drill into the brick. We attached small pieces of 2 x 4 lumber using tap con concrete screws and made sure they were aligned using a level.

Step 4: Create wood box

Next, we created a wood box using Ecuadorian Plywood to be the foundation of the mantel. We secured it over the 2 x 4 wood anchors.

Here’s how it looked once the top section was done!

Step 5: Repeat this process for the “legs”

Here’s how it looked complete.

Step 6: Make the Mantel Top

Here’s the components of the mantel.

Step 7: Add crown molding & board and batten

We secured crown molding to the edge of the mantel for a finished look on the top of the mantel.


We used more Ecuadorian plywood to create a board and batten look on the mantel base.



Step 8: Create middle section

We have an uneven fireplace so we made a middle section to separate a second section for storing wood. If you have a fireplace in the middle of your room, you can skip this part.


Step 9: Make Custom Bookshelves

To build the bookshelves on either end, we used (4) 1′ x 3/4” x 8′ melamine boards that had predrilled bookshelf holes. These made up the sides of the bookcases.



We used (4) 1′ x 3/4” x 8′ melamine boards that didn’t have any predrilled holes for the actual shelves. We had to cut these to fit perfectly in the bookshelves.



The backs of the bookcases were made of (2) 1/8th” 4” x 8” melamine sheets.



Lastly, we added 3/4” x 2” trim boards on the shelf exteriors. This made the bookcases look even better!

Step 10: Add plywood to remaining brick



Jason secured plywood to the remaining brick to connect the bookcases and the mantel, which made it look like one cohesive unit.



During this process, we had to move the electrical so that we could easily hook up the TV without having cords hanging down everywhere.

Step 11: Paint it White



I used the color Ultra Pure White by Behr Paint. It is a beautiful bright white and such a high quality paint.

Step 12: Decorate!

Here’s how this area looks now! I love it so much.

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