How to Make Perfect Southern Fried Chicken

Southern Tricks for Perfect Crispy Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is one of those dishes that is simple in design, but can easily fall apart in execution. It’s one of the top comfort foods, but also tends to rattle most cooks. It is deceptively simple– tender juicy inside, flavorful crispy crust. Two elements. What can go wrong?

All kinds of things. Soggy, greasy crust, under or overcooked chicken, bland flavor, dried out texture– the list seems daunting. The fantasy of a beautiful mahogany brown piece of crispy Southern goodness flies out the window after a couple of failures, and a trip to the drive through for a bucket of that white-suited guy’s stuff seems the best most of us can get.

Except there are ways to address each of these problems when you have a little culinary magic at your disposal. Here’s how to make the magic happen.


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