How to Make “The Best Chicken Ever” Hands Down, No Lie

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Make this simple dish, with a sour cream/cornflake coated twist on the usual breaded chicken, then sit back an receive the compliments!

This is the BEST chicken ever! It was SUPER moist – my mom is STILL raving about it like a week after I made it

For sure this is a recipe is will be using again and again — it is one of those recipe I wish I could go back in time and have my mom make when I was a kid


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“A few tips: The cornflakes should be finely crushed and measure 2 cups AFTER being crushed. (This is close to 6 cups before crushing.) Also if you put the sour cream on the chicken and refrigerate for at least an hour the sour cream will stick to the chicken when you add the cornflakes and bake them. You will NOT need 2 cups sour cream! More like 3/4 cup. I added 1/2 pack Ranch dressing seasoning to sour cream. I also seasoned the cornflakes generously with garlic salt onion salt and seasoned salt. My chicken breasts were large and cooked in 50 minutes. Longer than that they probably would have been dry. I also left off the margarine and didn’t need it. With these few tweaks this was a delicious way to prepare chicken! My husband says this is his new favorite chicken dish!”

“My husband the pickiest eater ever loved this. I made some changes. I had no corn flakes so I used the new extra crunchy bread crumbs by Progresso. I mixed in about a half of a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix to which I added some garlic powder and pepper. The last few minutes I put the chicken under the broiler to make sure it was crunchy on the outdide. It was tasty moist and tender and best of all very simple to prepare.”

“Excellent Dish. I made my own modifications. For those who complained about not being very flavorful this is what i did. I seasoned my thick chicken breasts real well first with Garlic salt Pepper Italian seasonings.(Generous amounts) then in a large zip lock bag i added half sour cream half ranch dressing tossed the Chicken in there and marinated overnite. It really brings out the flavor then i used the shake and bake hot and spicy mix added my own seasonings to that because i love spicy So added more Italian seasonings a little garlic powder Parmesan cheese drizzled with butter. I put foil at the bottom of my baking dish made a difference in the cleanup and browning of the chicken I agree with someone 60 min is way too long for this dish i baked it at 400 for 35 minutes.Let me tell you it was soo moist and tender i literally used my fork to cut the chicken never used a knife. And talk about Flavor. Its worth the extra step of marinating it overnite. Thank you for this recipe.”

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