Installing Kitchen Backsplash Tile Using Adhesive Tile Mat

One weekend to an amazing kitchen renovation!

Please note that the tutorial here is an abbreviated version of the one on my site so that you can see the overview. If you’d like more details, and if you’d like to download a supply sheet and printout of the steps involved, or see the video, please visit the full tutorial.

Recently, I worked on a townhouse flip where I mentored a group of teens. They gave me two days of their time, and they learned several projects involved in flipping a property.

It was a great experience for everyone, and if you’d like to see the whole project and the profit made, you can view that here: Townhouse Renovation.

Since the projects needed to be simple and not overly time consuming, but we also needed the place to look great and be well done, we spent a little extra money and saved a lot of time by using an adhesive tile backing in the kitchen.

installing kitchen backsplash tile using adhesive tile mat

Here’s where we were starting.

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