Instant Pot Sour Cream Pork Chops

We’re still busy exploring all of the delicious ways to use our Instant Pot, and there remains no shortage of ways to work magic with this amazing kitchen tool. Our sour cream pork chops are yet another way to enjoy our Instant Pot. This dinner is simple and flavorful and the Instant Pot does all of the work, almost instantly! A dry pork chop is our biggest concern any time we prepare pork chops, and so, to keep the meat tender and juicy, we’ve created a savory sauce that is an absolute delight, and absolutely essential when using this method to cook pork.

Building layers of flavor is the best way to truly make a meal taste as though it was slow-cooked, especially when we’re making a meal this quickly. So, we start with butter and onions, we keep the chunks of onion big for added texture and add rich and flavorful beef stock. Then we add the pork chops, season them with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. To ensure that the pork isn’t overcooked, the meat comes out of the Instant Pot so that we can start to make the sauce – a savory sauce made silky by the addition of sour cream. Once thickened, the pork is added back into the Instant Pot for just a few moments before the meal is ready to be served.

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