Italian Roasted Potatoes Recipe

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These Crispy Italian Oven Roasted Garlic Potatoes will quickly become one of your favorite side dishes. These roasted garlic potatoes are perfect for every day fair or holiday entertaining. Crispy on the outside; tender on the inside.

I love baby potatoes and they are perfect for these Italian roasted potatoes. Baby potatoes are quick to cook and take only 20 minutes from prep to dinner. Just pick up the smallest baby potatoes you can find at your local store the next time you go shopping.

These potatoes are beloved by children and adults alike, and they are very easy to make. Just cube the potatoes (don’t bother to peel) and tumble them into a pan. Pour on the olive oil, sprinkle the oregano, peel the garlic cloves (you don’t even have to do that if you’re pushed for time), mix everything together and stick the dish in the oven. Serve alongside some lamb chops and a simple salad, or just the salad.

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