Keto Big Mac Salad | Low Carb Hamburger Salad Recipe

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If you’re keto and are missing Big Macs, have I got the perfect Big Mac Salad and Big Mac Sauce for you! Super easy and let me tell you–it tastes EXACTLY like the real thing.

Except, of course, this low carb hamburger salad is actually good for you. Homemade Keto Fast food is an excellent choice if you ask me.

6. Assemble the Big Mac Salad. Start with lettuce at the bottom. Add cheese, then add ground beef. Top with onions and pickles. Put the dressing on.

At this point, you can either toss the salad (as in, MIX it, not toss it into the trash) or save it like this for a while. Since the dressing is sitting on top, it won’t make your lettuce all soggy and wilty.

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