Lemon Drops

Little Lemon Drops are delicious bite-sized treats that start with a lemon cake mix! The easy lemon glaze soaks into the inverted mini cupcakes and is a simple, incredibly delicious lemon cake mix recipe!
Homemade Lemon Gum Drops – I have always loved gum drops. Now that I have tested and developed this wonderful lemon gum drop recipe, I will never have to purchase them again. They are so simple to make. If you can make jello, you can easily make this candy.You can make different flavors of gum drops by using different fruit juices and food colors. Use you imagination and be creative! I have to warn you, these lemon gum drop candies are very sweet and addictive! A delicious way to satisfy your sugar addiction. This candy will definitely put a smile on the faces of adults and children.More delicious Candy Recipes. Homemade Lemon Gum Drops. After you finish reading (and sharing!) this post, you will be able to sneak as many of these bad boys as you can fit into your (and your child’s) pockets into the movies anytime you want!

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