Lemon Pay with Cookies

Lemon Pay with Cookies
My aunt in Mexico would make this simple and delicious pie for special occasions. It’s easy enough for a quick weeknight dessert, but make sure to leave plenty of time for freezing (2-3 hours minimum). This is a great lower fat alternitive to cheesecake but tastes just as decadent.
Easy Lemon Pie Cookies
This recipe is made using a store bought pie crust, also you can use your homemade pie crust recipe and prepare your own fruit filling.
There are two ways to prepare this cookies, cutting the 3-inch circles before filling and after the filling is applied on pie crust.
I’ve made it both ways, but prefer cutting the circles before filling, because it’s much easier to re-roll the scraps.

This delicious lemon pie or cake is very easy to make and delicious. With condensed milk and a biscuit base maría. You can also use gluten-free cookies and you will have a delicious dessert suitable for coeliacs.

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