Loaded Scalloped Potatoes

This easy scalloped potatoes from scratch is even better than Grandma’s. Here’s how to cook it perfectly every time.

Slice the potatoes as thinly as possible. If you’ve got a mandolin, it’ll make your life a whole lot easier. if you don’t, no worries! Think of this as knife skills practice. You’re looking for each slice to be about 1/4″.

Cheese isn’t traditional, but we add it anyways. Most scalloped potatoes don’t have cheese. (Potatoes au gratin do.) But we couldn’t resist adding cheddar between each potato layer. When it melts with the cream sauce while the casserole bakes, it gives off major mac and cheese sauce vibes. INSANE. If you want to use Gruyére or fontina instead, you do you.

You should add bacon, too. Creamy potatoes + crispy, smoky bacon = a no-brainer. Thick-cut strips are preferable.

Bake it longer than you think you need to. You don’t want the potatoes just tender and the cheese just melty. When you test a potato with a paring knife, you want it to almost fall apart from being so soft. The cheese should be bubbling violently.

Make it ahead of time. You can bake it as instructed, then let it cool to room temperature and refrigerate it over night. It will reheat well in a 350° oven.

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