Lobster Tails Recipe with Garlic Lemon Butter

This is the only Lobster tails recipe you’ll ever need and it’s surprisingly easy! The broiled lobster meat is crazy tender, juicy and each bite is tantalizingly flavorful, especially after dipping into the warm garlic lemon butter. Dunk it in, take it for a swim, watch the excess drip off your fork and enjoy.

I honestly think this is the best thing I’ve ever cooked. THIS is the way you should eat lobster.

Broiled lobster tail is sweet and dipped in a creamy garlic lemon butter sauce. Pair it with a juicy rib eye steak, and baked potato and oh my the perfect surf and turf meal.

High-end restaurant quality Lemon Garlic Butter Broiled Lobster Tails bursting with flavor in under 15 minutes for a beginner friendly romantic recipe.

This is the best lobster tail recipe ever and is incredibly delicious with almost no work, plus works in a whole 30 diet or a keto diet for a low carb romantic dinner!

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