Magic Cleaner Recipe

This cleaner works super well!!! I’m not sure I would have believed how well it cleans if I hadn’t tried it. I tried this as an alternative to the harsh chemicals in shower cleaners. It worked so well. My glass shower doors even came out sparkling.

The tub and sink sparkle, too. I tried this on my grill at the end of the season last year and it cuts through the grease build up super easily!!! I still needed to scrub the stainless steel grill bars but it really did make a unpleasant job go so quickly. I used to use Bon ami cleaner on my all clad Dutch oven. I prefer this instead since It actually seems to work more quickly.

I squirt it in the pan, let it soak a while and when I come back, whatever is cooked on comes off with a hand wand brush. It’s really great! I made 1.5x the recipe so I could fit it in 1 squeeze bottle: 16 oz vinegar heated for about 2.5 mins in microwave and 12.66 oz of dawn. Twist up and down and Voila, a magic cleaner! I will definitely being using this regularly,

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