Magic Custard Cake

When I saw a magic custard cake recipe on Pinterest two weeks ago, I was floored. I mean, it left me in a state of delicious shock that something so simple could create an incredible piece of dessert. It looked so easy and like magic, it separated into three layers. It’s cake layer on top, an egg-flavored custard layer in the middle and another dense custard layer on the bottom. I was so obsessed with this cake but couldn’t get to making it because we were so busy with back to back photo shoots.

Hey Vanilla Cake lovers! Here’s a wonderful dessert that will make you swoon with each lovely, vanilla bite! The cake I’m raving about is Very Vanilla Magic Custard Cake. It is creamy, yet cake-like and it literally makes your taste-buds do the happy dance and sing.

It is easy to make, because all the magic happens in the oven during the baking process, when the batter separates in three layers of goodness. No doubt, this Easy Magic Cake With Vanilla

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