Maraschino Chocolate Cherry Cookies

When it comes to cookies, we love them in just about any form we can get them, but we find we accidentally keep going back to tried-and-true favorites instead of continuing to try as many new variations as possible. Chocolate chip cookies are obviously a staple, never to be outdone, but what about when we put a fruity twist on things and turn these into a sweet treat that’s just as perfect for Valentine’s Day as it is for a birthday party or potluck??
These maraschino chocolate cherry cookies are absolutely adorable – they’re pink! – and they taste just as good as they look. If the name didn’t give it away, we packed each cookie full of chocolate chips, chewy maraschino cherry pieces (and cherry juice), and vanilla and almond extract for added flavor. They’ve got a surprising lightness to them, especially considering how much is stuffed inside ‘em, and they strike the perfect balance in regards to sweetness…just the right amount without being cloying.
Whatever the occasion, these cookies should definitely be added to your “to-make” list so that you can get to them and try them out as soon as possible! You can add a bit more cherry juice to yours if you want more of that great pink color or a little bit more sweetness, but other than that, these cookies are good to go! Delectable and adorable, a combo that’s pretty hard to pass up, if you ask us….

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