The first time I heard about a Southern dish called “melting potatoes,” I didn’t quite get it. I mean, potatoes are just a starchy vegetable. They get soft when you cook them, but they don’t melt.

Then I tasted them, and I had to change my tune. These gorgeous, golden, oven-roasted potatoes soaked in chicken stock are so tender, they really do melt in your mouth. And so yummy, they pretty nearly melt your heart as well.

Creating this melting consistency requires several steps, all of them crucial. First, slice your potatoes into thick rounds and coat them thoroughly with melted butter. Second, roast them a good long time at very high heat. Third, 15 minutes before taking them out, douse them in a garlicky chicken broth, so they’re sort of roasting and boiling at the same time. And finally, serve them with the remaining, reduced broth drizzled over the top.

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