Melting Moments

Fall in love with these four ingredient Melting Moments. These buttery shortbread cookies are sandwiched together with creamy vanilla buttercream and make for a beautiful sweet treat.

Unbelievably simple fool proof recipe! The cookies are light and tasty and dangerously addictive. I actually picked this recipe because my 8yr old niece wanted to cook something all on her own – no adult help. They turned out so good no own believed she did it by herself! Forget storing them, she barely had any to take home. They also take flavoring well just a tsp or three (to taste) of any extract does wonders. We like lemon, almond and vanilla. I have been extra slow in baking cookies for this festive season. Partly because I didn’t have any intention to make any cookies, and partly I guess age is really catching up on me. I had to rest my stiff neck and shoulders for 2 days after spending one whole morning making pineapple tarts. My eye-sight is also failing, my presbyopia is getting worst…it is getting difficult and tiring to focus on objects up close. So I stopped baking and did some spring cleaning instead.

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