Millionaire Fudge

– I made this fudge last year and then again this year. It is really good, and even my stepdad who has eaten old fashioned homemade fudge loves it. I noticed that some people have had trouble with it not setting up. I have never had that problem with any of the 4 batches I have made. You have to make sure you dissolve the sugar over low head BEFORE you begin to boil it for 6 min. The dissolving stage may take some time, I think it took me about 20 min today. Use your finger to touch some of the mixture on a spoon to test for grainyness. If you feel grains, continue stirring to dissolve. Also, someone said you need 12tablespoons of butter, that is not true at all. I would think adding more butter would make it take longer to set up. It takes about 2.5-3 hours to set up. I put it in the refrigerator to set up, then it stays hard at room temperature. Also, a hint for measuring the 2 cups of marshmallow creme, just use a 7oz jar. It’s about 2 cups. That will save you from the sticky mess. Hope this helps a little for those who had poor luck with this recipe.

– Awesome! I used a candy themometer and let it reach soft ball before removing from heat; which took just over eight minutes after starting to bubble lightly. Any temp less than soft ball stage, will result in a mushier end result. Also, never scrape the sides of the pot or it will have grainy chunks in the fudge. Also, I put in a 11×13 pan and it was just the right size!

– For the last 3 years, I’ve been a fudge pariah. Either it wouldn’t set up or it didn’t taste very good. I tried the recipe with the highest rating and it just tasted like chocolate chips. This recipe was quick and easy to make, and as soon as I started dumping it into the pan, I could tell it was going to set up just perfectly. Licked the spatula and lo and behold, it even tastes good! Nice, creamy texture, and a very good taste. I will keep looking for that perfect fudge I remember from childhood, but for now, this one is my favorite recipe. Thanks!

– This is a wonderful recipe; it makes a very creamy fudge. I used a 9 x 13 pan. I also used the same recipe for peanut butter fudge by substituting one bag of peanut butter chips and one cup of peanut butter for all of the chocolate!

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