Miniature Baked Cheesecakes-recipe

The first cheesecakes I made were always non-bake, partially because I hadn’t yet heard of baked cheesecakes, and partially because should I have known, the teenage me would’ve freaked a little at all the commotion that surrounds baked cheesecakes.

Everything from water baths to claims of the best tips & hacks, I think I would’ve recoiled and whipped up a batch of brownies to destress. It’s my thing. I was, after all, just a high school girl slightly obsessed with baking.

Fast forward to now, baking a cheesecake is just as therapeutic as baking any other treat; but this only came through lots of practice. If you’re looking for a starting recipe, these baked mini cheesecakes are perfect, classic, and pretty much fool proof.

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